Our Philosophy

At Coastal Dermatolgy INC., we believe in  giving our patients the care and  respect they deserve. This philosophy  allows our physician and medical staff to give the best service to every patient, every day.

Coastal Dermatology Inc./Dr. Josepha B. DeVaro

On behalf of our entire staff, we’d like to welcome you to Coastal Dermatolgy INC. Our goal is to help you improve the health of your skin. Whatever issues you are having we invite you to come see our highly trained staff and doctor.

We treat patients with a vast array of issues. Here are some examples of the issues or concerns we see pateints for:      

Skin Cancer-Skin Allergies-Shingle-Psoriasis-Fungal Infections-Nail Disorders-Eczema-Psoriasis--Vitiligo-Wart Care Treatment -Acne-Acne Scar Reduction-Alopecia/Hairloss-Athlete's Foot-Cyst Treatment/Removal-Cold Sores- Mole Removal-Dandruff/Dry Skin-Discoloration of Skin-Skin Tags









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